WATCH: Motorbike Safety in Thailand

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Want to ride a motorbike in Thailand? If you're an inexperienced or unlicensed rider, you'll be in for a shock after watching this.


Photo © World Nomads


Are you thinking of getting on a motorbike during your trip to Thailand? Do you need to have a license before you hit the streets?

Well, if you are an inexperienced or unlicensed rider, you could be in for a shock or two after watching this video.

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  • su said

    Her boyfriend wasn't allowed in the ambulance,so she was alone, being transported to Bangkok, for brain surgery,after the motorbike accident.

  • charlie Hoon said

    There has been a report of rabies virus breakout in Thailand recently. Tourists who plan to visit Thailand should be aware of the epidemic. It is advisable to stay away from stray dogs or cats.

    There are 4 guidelines to keep you away from being infected;

    Don’t provoke unknown dogs or cats.
    Don’t intervene the fight between dogs or cats.
    Don’t touch animals while they are being fed.
    Don’t stay close to suspicious animals.

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