How to Amend, Extend, or Cancel Your Travel Insurance Policy

It’s possible to amend, extend, or cancel your travel insurance policy. This can be done via your World Nomads membership or you cancontact us and we can check your policy and make any changes available.  

Amending or extending your travel insurance 

Single Trip: If the trip start date on your policy has not yet passed, and you haven’t made and don’t intend to make a claim, then you can change the trip start date to align with your new travel plans. You can only move your trip start date to a date that is up to 12 months after the date you purchased your policy.  

Annual Multi-Trip: If the policy start date on your policy has not yet passed and you haven’t made or don’t intend to make a claim, then you can change your policy start date. You can only move this up to 30 days from your original policy purchase date.

You can amend the details or extend the policy (Single Trip only) via your World Nomads membership. 

It's important to understand there are current limitations to travel insurance cover relating to coronavirus, including exclusions for epidemics or pandemics. Government warnings to avoid all travel or all non-essential travel to specific regions (unless authorised by us in writing) and government regulations also impact your cover, including when you amend an existing policy.  

Refund inside the cooling-off period

  • All policies are subject to a 21-day ‘cooling-off’ period within which travellers may be able to cancel their policy and obtain a full refund. If you want to cancel a policy within the cooling-off period, you can do so via your membership or by contacting us and we will refund your premium as long as you aren’t using your policy in any way. 

 Not using your policy means, for example, that:    

  • you haven’t travelled under your policy or started a trip; and 
  • you have not made a claim and do not intend to make a claim; and 
  • you are not exercising any other right under the policy.

Other refunds outside of cooling off period 

In the event you cancel outside the 21 day cooling off period, no refund will be provided.

However, if your reason for cancelling is an exceptional circumstance and you have not travelled, don’t plan on making a claim or exercising any other rights under your policy, you may be eligible for a partial refund of the unused premium.

Number of months policy was live before cancellation % Refund
1 75
2 60
3 50
4 40
5 30
6 25
7 20
9 15
9 10
10 5
11 0
12 0

Contact us to find out more.

Understanding what it means to cancel your policy 

Remember, cancelling your policy means you won’t be eligible for any cover, and you won’t be able to make any claim under the policy. If you request and are granted a refund, your policy cannot be reinstated.    

To request a refund or for assistance when claiming, please contact us. 

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