Extending your trip & buying more travel insurance cover

If you decide to travel longer, we can help keep you covered. As we’ve recently changed our insurer, please select the date you bought your policy for more information:

Policies purchased on or after 1 Nov 2018 (GMT)

Policies purchased before 1 Nov 2018 (GMT)

For policies purchased on or after 1 Nov 2018:

If you decide to travel longer, we can help keep you covered! You can extend your trip online.
You can also buy a new policy while already travelling if your policy has expired or you wish to extend past the maximum duration of 12 months.

How to extend your trip and cover

If you are eligible for an extension per the terms of the policy wording, simply sign into your World Nomads membership, select your current policy and follow the links to extend the return date.
You can extend your policy online as soon as your policy starts, up until 11.59pm GMT on the end date shown on your Certificate of Insurance.

Your policy will be extended for the duration you choose (up to a maximum of 366 days for your total policy period) and your policy certificate will be re-issued and saved in your membership, so check this carefully.

Please ensure you extend your policy with us several days before it expires, due to time differences and possible administrative delays that may occur.

What’s not covered when you extend

If you or anyone else your trip depends on has been sick or injured during your trip, then these medical or dental condition occurring during your initial policy period will be considered pre-existing medical conditions in the new (extended) period of cover. That means that any illness or injury which has come into existence, or has shown symptoms, or has been diagnosed before the extension is not covered in the extended insurance period, so any expenses related to this pre-existing condition will not be covered if you extend your trip.

Travelling with electronics or high value personal items

If you’ve bought expensive gear (or any electronics) during your trip and you want to cover these on your policy, then you can buy a new policy in order to specify all of your high value items for higher limits, if required, and to remove the application of depreciation.

If you buy this new policy at least 3 days before the old one ends, and select a start date as the day after your current policy ends, you’ll waive the 72 hour time excess (referred to as a waiting period in policies purchased before 1 August 2019) explained in ‘Buying a new policy’ while travelling. You’ll also automatically get a 5% member discount off on this new policy.

When you can’t extend your policy

You won’t be able to extend your policy if it’s already expired, if you’re 65 years or older, or if the policy/product you bought is no longer available.

Note: For policies purchased on or after 1 August 2019, your World Nomads policy is underwritten by XL Catlin Insurance Company UK Limited. For policies purchased between 1 November 2018 and 31 July 2019, your World Nomads policy is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s.

For policies purchased before 1 Nov 2018:

Travel extensions of this product are no longer available. if you are travelling and would like to extend your travel insurance cover, you may purchase a new policy with World Nomads which is now backed by Lloyds.  As the cover benefits and limits may be different to your Millstream backed policy, please check carefully the policy details and its terms and conditions before you purchase it.
For more information or if you have any questions please contact us.

Note: For policies purchased before 1 Nov 2018, your World Nomads policy is backed by Millstream.

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