World Nomads: Making changes to your travel insurance policy

You can sign in to your World Nomads membership to make certain changes to your policy.

Before the policy starts:

  • Change the start date. You can change the start of the policy to any day, except today’s date or a date in the past.
  • Cancel your policy. We’ll give you a full refund if you cancel your policy within the 10 day satisfaction guarantee period and you promise you won’t use the policy in any way.


  • View/print your Certificate of Insurance. We always store this in your membership, so it’s easy to access whenever you need it.

Things you can’t change:

  • End date of your policy. We’re sorry, but it’s not possible to extend you policy. If you want to extend your trip, you can buy more cover online.
  • Upgrading your policy mid trip. Sorry, it’s not possible to change the cover you have during your trip.
  • Moved? Let us know your new address and phone numbers etc and we can update this for you.

Other mistakes:

If you’ve made any other mistake on your Certificate of Insurance (e.g. date of birth, name changes) or you’ve generally got issues, please contact us and we’ll try to fix it for you.

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