Chad Travel Alerts and Warnings

Several government travel advisories have placed Chad under a "Do Not Travel" warning.

Saigon city in Chad Photo © Getty Images/Peter Addor / EyeEm

Warning: this destination is considered very high risk and many governments advise their citizens not to travel to large parts of the country.

Check your government's advice for travel to Iraq. Several foreign governments have clearly advised on their websites do not travel to Chad or reconsider all unnecessary travel including the capital, N'Djamena. There is a high risk of terrorism by Boko Haram (which has links to Daesh) and risk of landmines in the border regions of Central African Republic, Libya and Sudan. Additionally, there is a high risk of violence in these places including public protests particularly around Lake Chad.

Travel to this destination against government advice has implications for your travel insurance and you should read and understand your policy documents thoroughly if you are considering travel to this destination. If you are a World Nomads policy holder and unsure as to how it will affect you, please contact our 24/7 Worldwide Emergency Assistance. as for some travellers, even the warning of "reconsider your need to travel" is enough for it to impact your travel insurance.

If you go anyway and get into trouble, it may be impossible for your insurer to provide emergency assistance, and consular officials from your own country may be severely limited in the assistance they can give. We care about your personal safety and wellbeing, please heed all government issued travel warnings.

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  • Malora Zeller said

    This is a very poorly informed or outdated site. Having recently been to Chad and to audit medical services and providers there are surprisingly very good options in N'Djamena. There's a private Hospital Renaissance( private hospital managed and run by French doctors and specialists, with very impressive facilities and equipment. Then there are an International SOS clinic as well as a Europ Assistance Clinic, small but 1st world and managed by expacts and expat doctors. MAF, a private aircraft operator runs two air ambulances through the country. You will find the Chadanians very friendly and very patriotic, there's a very strong french military presence and they are all standing up against the threat of Boko Haram from Nigeria or bandits from Sudan. There is currently no internal conflict. Chad also has one of the most prestine Wildlife areas in Africa. There are a number of insurers who will cover you in Chad, just ensure you are diligent and set this up before you go. Sure be vigilant anywhere you travel in the World but Chad is a beautiful country and I would go back in a heart beat.

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