Does travel insurance cover civil unrest?

The world isn’t always as peaceful as we want to be. Protests, riots and other types of civil unrest can break out in a place where you’re traveling.

World Nomads has some provisions that cover you for events arising from civil disturbances. No matter what the circumstances are, we encourage travelers to prioritize safety. Contact the 24/7 Emergency Assistance team should you need immediate assistance.

What’s covered?

Incidents of civil unrest fall under several sections of your policy:

Non-Medical Evacuation: If the 24/7 Assistance team deems your travel destination unsafe –  a military uprising, insurrection, revolution or other violent disturbance, for example – you could get coverage for transportation out of the country. You may also get evacuation benefits should a political situation arise and you’re expelled out of the country or declared a persona non-grata, upon written authority.

Emergency Medical: If you’re a bystander to civil unrest or participating in a peaceful protest or demonstration, your plan provides coverage should you get injured or get into an accident.

Travel Delay: If your trip gets delayed because of a civil disturbance, you could get reimbursed for unused, pre-paid non-refundable land and water accommodations, plus any basic expenses that you’ve incurred because of the delay. The delay must be at least six hours or more for you to qualify for this benefit.

Things not covered by travel insurance

• Any losses arising from criminal activity (looting, vandalism, violence, violating curfews or emergency orders, trespassing, etc.)
• Trip cancellations due to civil unrest, either at home or at your travel destination

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