Making a claim online is easy, but you’ll need a World Nomads membership.

For medical emergencies and cases where you’ll need evacuation, you should contact the Emergency Assistance Team to see if you’re covered and to obtain pre-approval. The team can make hospital and physician referrals and arrange evacuation services with approved providers. It’s important to take this step so you don’t run into any surprises when you make a claim. 

Remember travel insurance is secondary coverage.

  • If you have a trip delay, interruption or baggage claim related to your common carrier, you must first file a claim with them. You’ll then claim with World Nomads for the amount your common carrier did not cover, up to your policy limits. A common carrier may be your airline, train operator or other transportation provider (note: rideshare is not a common carrier);
  • If you were covered by medical insurance and became sick while traveling, you must first claim with your medical insurance provider. You’ll claim with World Nomads for any unpaid amounts, up to your policy limit, after your primary insurance sends an explanation of benefits (EOB).

When you’re ready to make a claim, just follow these steps:

1. Gather your receipts

It helps to get all of your receipts and invoices together so you have them on hand when you submit your claim. Keep every expense, bill, invoice and report – these are important documents used to assess your case.     

2. Sign in

Sign into your World Nomads membership. Once logged in to your membership dashboard, follow the prompts to 'Make a claim'.  

If you don’t have a membership, you can create a membership on this page. You’ll need to enter your email and the policy number of your last purchase.

If you forgot your log-in details, email us with the subject line 'Password Reset'.

3. Start a new claim

In your dashboard, you should see all the policies that you’ve purchased as a member*. Select the policy you purchased for the trip dates impacted. You’re able to submit one claim for all events under the same policy. For example, if on the same trip, your bags were stolen and then you came down with an illness that required medical care, you could make one claim for the baggage loss and for all expenses related to the illness.

*If you don't see your policy in the dashboard, contact us to request a membership merge. 

4. Tell us what happened

Continue to follow the prompts and answer the questions relevant to your claim. You’ll be asked to describe the details around the event: who was involved, what happened and when.

5. List your expenses

Itemize each expense for the amount shown on your receipt/invoice. Answer the accompanying questions.

6. Send your supporting documentation

You'll be sent an email telling you what documentation you will need to send, along with instructions on how to upload the files (they should be no larger than 5 mb each.) If you’re having trouble, you can read this Help Center article.  

7. Submit your claim and wait for our review

Check that your contact details are correct, then submit your claim. You should receive an email confirmation, and under separate cover, a unique claims number from our claims administrator, Trip Mate.

As Trip Mate reviews your claim, it is quite common for the claims team to get in touch if they need additional information or supporting documentation. This is all part of the process.

Once all required information is received by Trip Mate, you should receive a decision regarding your claim within 20 business days.

Any covered reimbursement should be sent via check, either electronically or by mail.

If you need to communicate with the claims team, here’s how to reach us:

Phone: 1-844-207-1930

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